Single Bed Dimensions

The size of a single bed can vary from different manufacturers; however, the UK standard size of a single mattress is W900xL1900mm or 3ftx6ft3.

Because of the influence and popularity of a lot of Scandinavian and European designs, there are now a large amount of single childrens beds on the market which are what we call continental sized and take a mattress that measures W900xL2000mm or 3ftx6ft6 so a little bit longer than the standard UK size.

If you have the space it is advisable to go for the continental size and benefit from the longer length as our generation of teenagers seem to be getting taller and taller. Apart from that it is nice to feel that you have a generous sized bed and there is space for a few more teddies and soft, cuddly cushions for younger children.

It also means that if you add under bed storage boxes you gain some additional storage space.

The external size of a single bed can vary depending on the design and thickness of material the bed is made of.

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