Single kids beds with a trundle bed underneath

A trundle bed for kids (also sometimes referred to as a truckle bed) can be great for sleepover fun. It is a space saving idea that allows for an extra bed to be available when necessary and make a pair of twin beds, but it does not require the additional space constantly. They make a useful and space saving addition to a bedroom.

The extra bed is usually on rollers or castors and sits just above floor height so that it can be easily pushed underneath either a single bed, a bunk bed or a cabin bed and therefore only take up the space of a single bed in a room when not used for sleeping. This clever and practical idea is literally under bed storage with wheels, with two mattresses taking up the floor space of one!

For that reason it is built slightly smaller than the main bed it is sold with. It can be stored with a special size mattress to suit the trundle so the entire spare bed is ready for immediate use when needed. Alternatively when not used for sleeping, with mattress removed, it can be used as an extra large storage drawer.

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